How to turn an ordinary apartment into a luxurious space

How to own a dream space at the most optimal cost? What are the designs that are feasible and highly applicable in modern life? Refer to the best quality apartment interior design today to find the right idea soon

Beautiful interior design style shows the level of the owner

Planning drawing Design Apartment 35.05 – 35.06 S1 Vinhome SmartCity Building

How to turn an ordinary apartment into a luxurious space

After thoroughly surveying and consulting the Homeowner, BestHome’s Architectural team has proposed the plan of Renovation – Interior Design of the Homeowner’s apartment at Vinhome SmartCity.

Living room space is decorated with full amenities. Living room TV shelf designed using natural Russian oak material combined with MFC An Cuong wood, covered with Melamine origin Malaysia. The cabinet wings are used by KTS to use moisture-resistant green-core MDF, high-grade acrylic paint that prevents color flight. The decorative panel behind the TV shelf is designed with glossy black to create a noble style. With this innovative design has made a strong impression on customers. Sofa set combined with a simple modern tea table brings a sense of relaxation to the living room interior space more impressive. Besides, this beautiful apartment interior design also shows the Owner of the Owner

The dining area is the place to connect family members, so the layout space is also carefully considered. In the interior design of this VinHome SmartCity apartment, the 6-seater dining table is arranged by the architect near the balcony door and near the kitchen area. With a stylized design, soft lines, the 6-chair dining table gives homeowners the comfort to use. Next to the dining table is a wine cabinet designed elegantly and delicately. Bring nostalgia mixed with elegance to the dining space.
Kitchen space is arranged with simple interior, L-shaped kitchen cabinets with many storage compartments. Helps homeowners store tidily and tidy things after each use.
The kitchen cabinet is designed with a Mini Bar for the owner to have moments of true wine enjoyment. More specifically, the kitchen appliances – kitchen accessories are provided by BestHome itself after the Owner has made the correct choices, creating a kitchen space that is both beautiful and convenient.

Next is the private space of the apartment – Bedroom furniture

The interior design of the bedroom is a private place for the children, each room is fully designed with a bed, a study desk, and a wardrobe to help children have a good night’s sleep and study effectively.
The drawers help the children store more things, creating a tidy order

Interior design of the master bedroom with gray-white color helps the space become wider and more airy. This luxurious design imprints on customers by its elegance and elegance in each design line. Feeling first when setting foot in the bedroom you will see the comfort and order. Most of the furniture in the bedroom is designed with a modern and simple design. In addition, the room is additionally decorated with decor, curtains, and furniture, … to make the space more unique.

The dressing room’s interior design is a combination of MFC An Cuong wooden shelves, covered with Melamine made in Malaysia with tempered glass panels, creating an extremely modern aristocratic luxury of Gia Owner. The space is airy, tidy and tidy, with a large wall-mounted mirror, allowing the homeowner to freely choose suitable outfits every day.

Interior design of the church – reading room with the altar is made from 100% natural Russian oak, while the bookshelf is combined between natural wood and MFC An Cuong industrial wood, covered with Melamine originating from Malaysia. Blending in white brown colors helps a quiet and relaxing space, suitable for the homeowner to calmly read and relax.

The above is the interior design of the luxury apartment building created by the architects and has really satisfied BestHome’s Client Homeowner at the beginning of 2021.
The homeowners want to own their dream space with the most optimal cost

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How to turn an ordinary apartment into a luxurious space

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